Education – The dividend returning investment

You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.

I first heard the quote above while listening to Dave Ramsey. While he has an invested interest in sharing this above quote as a large chuck of his business is selling his financial peace books, the quote still rings true.

As a young person it can be overwhelming to decide where to begin. I am being “awakened” into a world of thousands of years of thought, philosophy, and practice of financial patterns. Below I compiled a list of resource I have found. Some I stumbled upon, some I received from family or friends, some I heard about, and some I asked for. I have in no way been compensated by any of the following sources, but have found value in each as new lenses, foundations, and the scaffolding of how to create our new financial home.


  • Good to Great (Management and how to run a successful company) by Jim Collins
  • Rich Dad/Poor Dad (Work for yourself, even if you have a day job) by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Richest man in Babylon (Parable style read on how to be successful with money) by George S. Clason

Web Sites:

  • (site with articles, updates, and financial incentives for starting various accounts)
  • (another personal finance blog I have stumbled upon. Guy seems fairly interesting and injects his own personality through his finances.)
  • Google Finance (to keep tabs on how various investments are doing)
  • (Great site that shows dramatic discounts found across the internet)
  • (blog with over two years of post behind it, I am still working my way through it, but he seems to have articles for almost anything)

Podcast (Great for trips and/or working out):

  • Dave Ramsey (Listen to two podcasts and you will get Dave’s principles, listen to the rest of his podcasts for people’s stories)
    • I will no longer drive on long trips unless I can play Dave’s podcast. This has helped in 2 ways. 1) Learning financial tips and stories, 2) Get a break from driving when my wife no longer wants to listen to Dave.
  • Susie Orman (I find her personally very annoying, but this is one more source of financial principles)
  • Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips (quick 5 minute topics on numerous financial principles)
  • Motley Fool Money (Stock discussion on that weeks stock market movements)
  • The Look and Sound of Leadership (quick 5 minute discussions from a “leadership coach” on how to be a better leader)
  • Quicken Personal Finance (The main guy is a goober, but the people he brings in to discuss topics are top-notch. Highly Recommend)

iPhone Apps

  • RedLazer (App that scans bar codes of products and searches for products online. Cost $2.99, but one book or blu-ray purchase can save you $5-10 easy)
    • Only issue is this destroys your instant gratification. Personally, I can wait a week to save $10. My wife works under a smaller time table. 🙂

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25 year old man starting his financial journey.
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