Daddy’s first high-five with Baby

Last night, for the first time, I felt my son move. What an exciting moment for a first time father. My wife and I have created life and and will be shortly adding the first new member to our family. With that will come financial responsibilities that are beyond our current scope that will no doubt change many of our plans completely.

Also, my wife and I will be leaving for our real first vacation since our honeymoon. We realized earlier this year that we had never taken a true vacation with just the two of us. All of our time off is spent on holidays, graduations, and major life events with our family. When you come from a family of 8 siblings like I do every year someone is accomplishing some major life changing event. So, as one last final chance to get away just the two of us we decided to take a 4 day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. So I will be gone from Thursday till next Monday. I am sure all 3 of my avid readers will miss me dearly.

I have been drafting a list of potential topics to write about. Below is what I have identified. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below and I will work it in:

  • FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts and how to prepare to major medical expenses)
  • W4 (Tips on how to ensure you are deducting the correct amount now that tax season is over)
  • Vacation Finances (How to ensure you have the funds to take some time away and experience the world)
  • Excel Budget Set-ups (more screens and tips on how to set-up an Excel sheet to best monitor your finances. What has worked for me)
  • Retirement Ratios (An exercise on a ratio that Walter described to me, the rule of 15%)
  • Dave vs Warren (A comparison of how Dave Ramsey’s Budgetary model would have affected our finances today vs Warren’s model which is what our current finances look like today).
  • Tithing (This can be controversial topic, but will give our approach to the subject matter as a young couple)
  • Insurance – A breakdown of how much coverage B and I have… is it enough? is it to much?
  • Loans – “Only take loans on goods that appreciate, pay cash for things that depreciate”
  • and many more as they come to mind or are important to readers

About odysseustoday

25 year old man starting his financial journey.
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One Response to Daddy’s first high-five with Baby

  1. Aunt Susan says:

    I read the entire blog and hope to keep up with it. I enjoy it when I see young people planning their financial lives instead of going on willy nilly like their choices will not have consequences.

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