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You might be asking yourself what a CowBoom is… and if you do know please leave me a comment because I have no idea. Maybe a play on the word “Kaboom”?

The web site Cowboom is a clearing house for the inventories of Best Buy. I was turned onto this site through a copy of Money in box highlighting sites for great deals. They also referenced slickdeals and redlazer which I have highlighted before.

Being a man of numbers I of course started to track their deals. As the site updates daily with new “Deals of the Day” in which there is often very attractive savings I would record the price on CowBoom and then take the price and compare it to Amazon or Pricegrabber. Below are my results:

As you can see the savings are significant. The only catch is there is no control over the type of products being offered. Also the technologies tend to be about an year or more older (though still functional today). So if you are a person who has to have the fastest and newest technologies this would not be the site for you.

If you decide to check out CowBoom spend some time surfing the site. There is also a section with an E-Bay quality where you can bid on items located at various Best Buy stores that they may be trying to liquidate. So the ability to have even more dramatic savings than the “deal of the day” but the chances are slim as these items move quickly.

To truly take advantage of the web site I would also suggest checking it daily before you head off to work or with your morning coffee. The hotter items that are presented often sale out much quicker than the more mundane items. I personally check CowBoom and Slickdeals every morning before going to work. The key is to not “need” anything. This gives you the power to browse, click, and save when the right deal pops across your screen.

CowBoom PriceGrabber or Amazon Savings Savings %
SONY DPFD70 7in Widescreen LCD Digital Photo Frame $      24.99 $                                  111.97 $    86.98 77.68%
HP (Hewlett-Packard) Mini 1101 Netbook $      89.99 $                                  299.96 $  209.97 70.00%
Grace Digital ITC-IR1000B Wireless Internet Radio $      85.99 $                                  124.95 $    38.96 31.18%
Sony PSP-3000 Core Pack System – Piano Black $      89.99 $                                  169.00 $    79.01 46.75%
Creative Sound Blaster External USB Sound Card for iTunes $      39.99 $                                    98.39 $    58.40 59.36%
Apple MB829LL/A Magic Wireless Laser Mouse $      29.99 $                                    57.99 $    28.00 48.28%
Altec Lansing BackBeat Pro Noise-Isolating Ear Bud Headphones – Metallic Black/Gold $      12.99 $                                    41.75 $    28.76 68.89%
Samsung DualView TL220 12.2MP 4.6x Optical Zoom Digital Camera w/ LCD on Front & Back $      89.99 $                                  184.99 $    95.00 51.35%

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  3. Thanks for sharing this site; those are great deals!

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