Moving Expenses- Cost of moving 0.9 Miles

In mid-June my wife and I found out that our landlord had run into financial hardships and needed to move back into the house. We were not evicted nor given a 30 day notice, but rather had until the end of our lease (November 2010) to find a new residence to call home.

Great… right? Well, we were caught between a rock and a hard place. Because we had been prudent financial managers we were not caught without the money to facilitate the move, but rather we were caught between a pre-baby move or a post-baby move. So we took the plunge and decided to move while still pregnant.

Still, being the financial prude that I am I wanted to know what this unexpected move was going to cost us. Below you will find my financial accounting of the expenses associated with the move of 0.9 miles.

The additional rent is due to a week overlap of our two houses to allow for the move. I did not take any time off during the process and instead spent many hours at night doing load after load in our small CRV to get the stuff over. Also, the deposit figure is somewhat understated as the true cost was $800. I took the deposit returned from our previous house (approximately $500 of $700 original deposit due to carpet and stove cleaning) and subtracted it from the $800 for the true cost of the new deposit.

The transfer fees were unexpected and a bit frustrating, but again what can one do. In South Texas you must have air conditioning, water, and cable (as my wife would argue).

The new house we moved into allowed us to drop our ongoing natural gas bill as it is equipped with an electric water heater. I have heard that the electric water heaters are a money sink and will soon figure out where the temperature nozzle is so that I might adjust the temperature to something reasonable (thinking 120 degrees). The house also has a dish washer which was not present at our old house which will require additional energy and cost over time. So the true cost of this move will be shown over the long-term monthly payments which will be reviewed during my Month-End statements (June, May, April).

We incurred a small capital purchase as the new house had no stove. With our old house we had to purchase a washer, dryer and refrigerator unit. So now with the move and the requirement for a Stove we have completed our appliance collection. When we move again in the future our plan is to liquidate these appliances and look to get new units wherever we may be.

I want to take a second and thank everyone who pitched in over our 5 day move. Community is very important and we have been very lucky to have people in our life who can be relied upon in a pinch to help out.

As you can see even the easiest of moves can still ring up a pretty penny when you consider all of the expenses associated. At the end of the day this situation showed us how valuable financial security is. This move had relatively no impact on our finances, did not push us into the red for the month and required no dipping into our savings to cover the cost.

A fun addition to our growing family is an orange tree that is growing in the back yard. For some strange reason I find myself concerned for this trees well-being. Maybe the father instinct is just kicking in as the baby’s arrival is less than a month away. (The oranges are hard to see so I took the liberty of highlighting those green balls of goodness)

Cost to Move 0.9 miles
Housing Additional Rent (1 wk overlap) $264.63
Additional Deposit $297.42
Utilities Transfer Cable $  40.00
Transfer Electric $  54.50
Transfer Water (Off, On) $  25.00
Clean up Old House Cleaners $  80.00
Lawn $  35.00
Movers Brother (gas/time) $150.00
Wife Friend (gas/time) $100.00
Babysitter $  50.00
Total Cost: $1,096.55

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25 year old man starting his financial journey.
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4 Responses to Moving Expenses- Cost of moving 0.9 Miles

  1. Sandra says:

    I finally got around to reading the rest of your blog…loving it. My only question is…where are the baby expenses I saw prior to having Sadie? Car seat, crib, diapers, clothes, bobby, bassinet….or whatever was decided was needed for the new arrival? I’m assuming since the baby will be here soon and you are clearly a pre-planner, I’m interested to hear how all that fits into your budget plans. I know some of those things were probably taken care of at a shower, but what about the stuff that wasn’t? Child-bearing minds want to know!

    Keep up the blog…very interesting!

    • Sandra,

      Thanks for following the blog. As for baby expenses, we have been very lucky to have a very supportive family and friends. We have thus far collected (at no personal expense):
      Bassinet (hand-me down from a friend)
      Baby Swing (hand-me down from a friend)
      Baby Dresser
      Car Seat/Stroller
      3-Wheel running stroller
      4 50-lb boxes of baby clothes (thanks mom)
      any various odds and ends

      Again I just want to stress the blessings that we have been given as we start our family. I am sure the baby will start to play a larger role in our finances, but as of today the expenses have been small enough that they are hidden in our “store” cost.

      I will certainly keep the readers update as the baby expenses roll-in (especially the birth, college savings, and various unplanned for expenses).

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